Las Vegas, a city built on the model of the seven deadly sins. A monument to hedonism and greed. If Sodom and Gomrrah had a baby, you would get Las Vegas in the latter half of the 21st century. It ain’t all bad chummer, on the surface you’ve got the greatest city on earth a place where a persons dreams can be made or broken with a toss of the dice. Where you can have anything you want if you got the cred. And then there’s off the strip, where Joe and Jane Wageslave survive day in and day out so that a visiting whale doesn’t mind dropping a few million in a weekend. But further than that is the shadows. The shadows are where the big power plays of the corps and the criminal cartels are made. This is where you work and play.

Welcome to SINless in Sin City a Shadowrun 4e game set in 2072 Las Vegas in the Pueblo Corporate Council. The campaign has been going on since March of 2009 and is going strong.

SINless in Sin City